Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer discounts for bulk orders?

If you order four dozen (that’s eight boxes of six or 48 Kisses) to one address, there is a special price. We want to share the love so before placing your order online, please call us for details.

I want a different flavor than those listed. Do you offer special orders?

You want special color sprinkles, embellishments, or flavor profiles, give us a call.  This is a special order.  Not all special orders may be an additional price, that’s why we want you to call. Nothing in life is for free so there might be a slight price adjustment. If you are a good human, you will be ok with this.

How much is shipping and how does it work?

All orders ship on Monday or Tuesday via UPS ground.  Due to COVID, deliveries are not guaranteed by UPS so we cannot give you a guarantee. Yes, this deeply saddens us as well. The box is shipped inside a sealed thermal package with a reusable ice pack inside a shipping box. You can reuse any of the items and we encourage it. We do offer local delivery; please contact us prior to completing your order.

Will my Mousse Kisses melt in transit?

Melting may occur. We take great pride in our packaging. However, due to weather and/or shipping delays, melting may occur. We do not use any preservatives or stabilizers and we are dealing with chocolate so… melting may occur.

Do Mousse Kisses contain allergens?

Mousse Kisses contain dairy, egg, gluten and/or nuts and they are processed on shared equipment.  We take great care in baking and cleaning,  but equipment may be used to process products that may contain dairy, gluten, and nuts.

Do Mousse Kisses contain alcohol?

Some flavors do. We did a chocolate bacon and beer concoction for Father’s Day. The alcohol is an ingredient baked in or as a reduction and incorporated, not by the bottle. We don’t think you can get a buzz from it. Although, if you eat enough of them then perhaps. This is not to be considered a challenge. No, we will not hold your beer and watch. No, we do not want you to prove it. No, we do not recommend you try it. Please enjoy responsibly.

How do I store and/or serve my Mousse Kisses?

We do not use any preservative or stabilizers, so we recommend keeping your Kisses refrigerated. 

You can also freeze them in an airtight container. We recommend individually wrapping the Mousse Kiss in plastic wrap, place in a freezer bag, place in an airtight container. 

Eat them straight from the refrigerator or freezer!

Do you have a nutrition label?

If you’re interested in the nutrition label, contact us and we’ll share it.

Are there ways to stay in touch?

Say "yes" to getting emails from us when you check out and we will keep you posted on our favorite Flav-ahs. We will not blast you with emails. We only want to tell you about specials because you are special to us. We will not sell your information to anyone, ugh, who does that?

You can also always like us on Facebook and Instagram.  We like to share pictures and videos about what is happening. We will also post our special Flav-ah of the week/month. We might even give you a shout out.  Send us your pictures and thoughts and maybe we will share them. If you send us a picture and your animal is in it, we will probably post it.  We love animals, not snakes, for the love of all thing’s chocolate, Sharon is afraid of them and lets out these little shrieks when she sees them. It’s quite funny. We should post one of those videos.

What else should I know?

All joking aside, we are very grateful for every order. Thank you for supporting our small business!